New Doors to Open

What a week this has been. I met my new companion at the mission home Tuesday morning. His name is Elder Bofando. Elder Bofando is from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and he is a really cool guy. After we met it didn’t take long until we were on the road headed to my new area. When we arrived at the apartment I discovered we have really cool front doors…haha… I came in, dropped my bags, got some pamphlets, and went back out that cool front door to go teach. I got to see some of the area and our investigators. In contrast to my last area West Adenta is very green, a lot more wealthy and very spread out. I really like it here so far.

Wednesday we biked to the furthest part of our area, where we saw a few investigators and a member. We had a lot of bike malfunctions along the way, but we made it there and back safely, and that’s what counts.

Thursday I was introduced to more of our investigators. In the evening, we were on our way to our last appointment to visit a girl named Joanna. Joanna is 21 and has had a difficult life but from what I heard is a really happy girl generally. She hasn’t talked with her dad for a long time because he is in jail in another country. She has had a few other difficulties on top of that. When we were on our way there my companion looked at me and said, “I feel like something bad just happened.” I asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “I don’t know but something isn’t right.” When we got there our investigator, Joanna, came out to meet us. We greeted her and asked if she was ok. She replied, “Well not really.” We asked her, “Why?” She looked at us with tears swelling up in her eyes and said, “They didn’t tell you?” “Tell us what?” She began to cry, and slowly said, my mom died. She then went on to explain her mom passed away just a few hours before we got there. Her mom was very sick because of a house fire. Her mom died on Joanna’s lap on the way to the hospital. This really was shocking to hear.

At first we didn’t know what to say or do to comfort her. After standing there for minute she invited us in to talk with her brother and sister. We stepped in and could see that they had been crying. At this point I was trying to hold back my own tears. We shared a short message about the Plan of Salvation and said a prayer with them. We prayed that God would send his spirit to comfort them and that they would all feel the peace in knowing God’s plan. After we said amen they said gratefully, “God bless you.” Individually they came up to us and thanked us for coming.

The next day we stopped by the store where Joanna works. She was there working as normal almost as if nothing had happened. We walked in, and she happily greeted us. It surprised me that she seemed happy. We had a lesson with her at the store. Because nobody was there we sat down at the checkout desk to talk with her. The ward member that came with us to see her was named Sarkodie. Joanna knows Sarkodie from before, so they felt comfortable with each other. Sarkodie said to her, “You are really strong you know. Your mother passed away yesterday and you are at work the next day. You seem like you are totally fine, how?” Joanna said, “I did cry this morning when I woke up. Then I realized no amount of tears can change what happened so I have to try my best just to accept it. Also, because I know I will see my mom again and that this is just temporary.” I was impressed with her faith and with the control she had over her emotion. I know it was because she allowed herself to feel comforted.

Saturday we had a day full of teaching. I have been introduced to new people and new parts of our area each day this week. It has given me a lot to remember.

It rained Tuesday night and Saturday night. When there is a storm a lot of the doors in the apartment will slam open and closed. That causes a lot of noise so we have to go put stoppers on the bedroom doors that don’t have locks. But because it rained it cooled down a lot so that part was nice.

I have experienced a lot of firsts this week: this is my first ward to serve in, my first two-man apartment, and my first area I would consider wealthy—wealthy in relevance to Ghana. It is my first area to have any kind of mountain. We bike the majority of the time. So I have encountered several new things here.

More about my companion, like I said is from DR Congo. He did not speak any English before came on his mission. He had never been on a bike until his mission. He has been out for 6 months now and can speak English very well. You could never tell it is his second language. He is a great missionary and great companion.

Conclusion: I have cool front doors, a nice area, and a good companion. Also when you are going through life’s difficulties God will not leave you comfortless. John 14:18, 26, 27.

Cool Apartment Doors

Cool Apartment Doors show Moses

Amazing Door

Another amazing apartment door

The Ward Missionaries who have been helping us

The Ward Missionaries who have been helping us

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