The Water Tower that Can’t Stand Water

West Adenta has been great so far. The West Adenta Ward is amazing and there are a lot of wonderful people. Elder Bofando and I are the only missionaries in this ward. In our District we have two sisters: Sister Tuffor from Ghana and Sister Wnwagboso who is from Nigeria. We also have the Zone Leaders: Elder Taylor from St. George, Utah and Elder Maswaki from South Africa.

During the week we had two baptisms. It was my first time to have a baptism on a Wednesday. It was also my first time having a ward take care of every part of the baptism. I thought it was great how involved the ward was in the preparations. The two baptized were Cindy and Ernest. Cindy was the last person in her family to be baptized following her mom, dad, and siblings. Ernest was the first in his family to be baptized with hopefully his Mom and siblings following after him soon.

We were not able to teach as much as we wish we could have because we had a few problems with our water tank.

On Wednesday, Elder Bofando and I were going to visit Accra for an English class. Just as we were leaving it started to rain very hard. When it rains this hard it makes it very difficult to catch a trotro. We tried waving one down from a shop on the side of the road. We realized stopping a trotro was not going to work as normal. I am not afraid of rain, but this day it caught us unprepared. I had some papers I did not want wet so I was trying to think of what we could do. At this moment the lights went out. Not exactly the reaction you would hope for when you are trying to think of an idea. Instead of a light bulb turning on above my head it went out… luckily I still thought of something we could do. I asked one of the boys near us to go get us a trotro. I told him that if he did this for us I would give him 5 GH. He quickly ran out in the rain and started flagging down a trotro. After a few minutes he found us one. We ran out and I handed the money to the boy and jumped in. Turns out that the trotro we hopped in was not going to Accra. It was going to the nearest market. So my brilliant idea turned out not so brilliant; it actually complicated things for us a little bit. We did make it to Accra eventually. We were just an hour late. It didn’t stop raining until about 1:00.

When we got to the apartment I looked out back and saw that our water tower had fallen over. The water tank came off its tower and had hit the house. The foundation for the tower on one side was a thin-layer of concrete—obviously too thin. The rain had softened the ground and the measly foundation on the one side didn’t provide adequate support. We chuckled at the fact that the enemy to the water tower turned out to be water. We had a little bit of irony this week.

After going to Accra, getting everything fixed, and having the baptism we didn’t have too much time to teach. But it’s ok. We do have next week to fit in what we wished we had time for this week.

Have a great week.
– Elder Orton

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