We Came to a New River on Our Bikes, but We got Through It.

I had an interesting week. On Tuesday we had a good district meeting. After our district meeting we took the bikes out to Pantang village where we had three lessons before it started to rain. The rain can really interrupt your plans. We called our next appointments and they couldn’t make it because of the rain. So we thought maybe we would wait until the rain stopped. Two hours later we thought it would be best to start going home now so to get back in time to dry off. We started on our way back and came to the only road leading to our area and it had flooded. I asked my companion, Elder Bofando, if there was any other way to get back. He said, “No, this is the only road.” I laughed a little. We started to cross what was now a river. Sitting on our bikes the water came up to almost our seats. This was quite a work out. I was worried that I would fall over and ruin my scriptures and the mission phone. Thankfully, we made it and didn’t have to wade the river. When we got back to our compound I opened the gate and pushed my bike through. I almost ran over a turtle that found its way inside the compound. We were both really dirty from the mud water we had to bike through. We had to change our clothes and dry off. Then we had to wash everything we had been wearing.

My comp is great with his bike, even though he had never ridden a bike until he started his mission. He definitely can go from place to place fine. On a humorus note he is just a little dangerous to follow because he likes to stop fast a lot. We are biking so much that I can’t keep track of walking any more. I am trying to figure out how to track our biking.

This week was not as good as usual. What helped bring this week down to a more depressing note was anti Mormon videos. We had a wonderful investigator who came across some “anti Mormon videos” and she fully believes them. She went from what I call a “star” investigator to anti Mormon. She has actually began fighting the church by showing this video to her friends and has called some of the members she knows to show them too. Not really something you want to happen in your area or in any area. That sadly had quite an negative effect on my week.

I have been thinking about the hymn: Improve the Shining Moments, Verse 2

Time flies on wings of lightning;
We cannot call it back;
It comes then passes forward
Along its onward track:
And if we are not mindful,
The chance will fade away;
For life is quick in passing.
‘Tis as a single day.

Have a good week,
-Elder Orton

Scenes around the Adenta area

Scenes around the Adenta area

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