How Precious Light and Truth Is

What do I say when I have so little time and when all seems to have been said? Each week tends to go fast, it usually is good, and I do something similar. I guess I usually feel like I have nothing to new to share. Most of the time it’s only once I start typing that I think of something to say.

Tuesday we had a lesson like I have never had before. She was a recent convert of about 9 months and a very friendly woman. We went over to her house because she invited us to eat with her and her family, which was very kind of her. When we got there she let us in and gave us some water. She explained that all of the appliances she has are electric and because the power had gone out she was unable to prepare us food. We told her, “That is ok. It’s not your fault.” Then we told her that we would like to still have a discussion with her if that was ok. She said that would be fine.

As we began, she had a few questions that we discussed for some time. After resolving some common and small concerns, she expressed one more concern that was not so common and not so small at least among recent converts. This concern eventually turned into three worries. She did not believe some very fundamental and important doctrines of Christianity. She explained how her friends told her various things that eventually became a part of her beliefs. I was amazed by her fears. We tried our best to explain using scriptures and our testimonies that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and that he did bring us the higher law that we must follow to gain exaltation. We explained that we do have a living prophet and that he does receive revelation for the world. I am grateful she received everything we said humbly, not without question, but humbly. By the end she didn’t say much but said did say, “Thank you.” I believe we were able to resolve her concerns and help her see the importance of prayer and scripture study.

From that lesson I was reminded of how precious light and truth is. We most commonly lose and gain truth and light bit by bit through the small things we do each day. Every conscious effort we make to do good cases us to gain light and truth. We most commonly gain light and truth through the primary things of scripture study, treasuring up the word, or pondering, as well as prayer. Read, Ponder, and Pray.

It makes sense why the church focuses on this for primary kids because if it is applied it becomes the key factor in shaping who we are. When we apply those primary things it strongly influences what we do and that will lead to gaining more light and truth. If we fail to do them it leads to losing the light and truth we have. This is what happened to the recent convert. She failed to do these basic things that lead to her losing the light she had; even though when she was baptized she believed those things. She failed to retain her testimony.

That same thing can happen to us but we shouldn’t let it. It is important we remember in order to be good we need to learn good and not just once but each day. We are human and so if we are not reminded we forget.

In D&C 93:36 & 37

36 The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.

37 Light and truth forsake that evil one.

Have a good week. Don’t forget to read, ponder, and pray.

-Elder Orton

West Adenta Area right in the middle of map

The West Adenta Area is right in the middle of this map

Around Adenta

Around Adenta

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