Getting Over Ourselves

First off, congratulations AMY for graduating a year early and with honors. WOW!

The Lord will test us for our sakes. Something I have wondered as I was listening to a talk was the fact that God knows us perfectly from beginning to end, inside and out, better than we know ourselves. So if He is to test us, is it really for Him to learn more about us or is it more for us to learn about Him and ourselves?

From what I have seen, life teaches us a little different from school. In school we are taught and then tested but in life we learn from our tests. We learn more about ourselves when more is required of us and that is usually when things are more difficult. We see in the end how we responded to our difficulties. At that time we will recognize (if we look for it) the hand of the Lord involved in that test or trial. We will see why he may have allowed it to happen and at the same time see how He guided us and sustained us through it. When we are tested we are shown our weakness and dependency on God. If we rely on God, He can make that weakness a strength.

I have noticed that with every convert I have had a chance to teach or baptize, each has been tested following their baptism. I have had converts lose a family member, job, or support from family right after their baptism. Those that have persevered became some of the best members in that ward or branch.

This week we baptized Adelaide Damtise. Her baptism went well and was a beautiful experience. Now the only one left in her family not a member is her younger brother. He has listened to a few of the lessons but right now he is not that interested in joining the church because he plays the trumpet for his church’s band. But all seems to be going well with their family and they are strong in the gospel.

The pattern for our electric power is usually 24 hours off and 12 hours on. For the last three days now we have had power. It has not been constant but we have had power for most of the time during the last three days. When the power is out for 24 hours the food does not stay cold so it limits what we can eat and store. The power situation makes it a little more costly.

In this area, we always have a lot of investigators we can teach but not so many that take the time to come to church. Church was good this week. I gave a talk on tithing and before I got up there they asked me to take 25 minutes, ha ha. So I did my first 25-minute talk for which I didn’t have time to prepare for. I think it went well.

Some of the hardest situations are working with those that don’t want to work. This can be difficult. I think with every trial we go through the biggest thing we need to do is get over ourselves, after that what’s hard?

-Elder Orton

We follow this pathway in West Adenta

We follow this pathway in West Adenta

We pass this doorway of a fenced yard as we walk along the above pathway

We pass this doorway of a fenced yard as we walk along the above pathway

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