Shocking Discoveries and Powerful Prayer

On Tuesday it rained a lot. That made getting to district meeting interesting because we were carrying a cake. We planned a sendoff celebration for Elder Matswake and we paid a member’s wife to make us a cake. I wanted to use both hands to hold the cake. So I ended up tying my umbrella to my backpack. That way the backpack could hold the umbrella for me. Thanks to my backpack we got the cake there fine. We had a fun little celebration. I used the pink lemonade packets you sent for the main drink. We also had coke. We found out it actually tastes pretty good mixed with the lemonade.

After our district meeting we were walking to an investigator’s house. We were passing through a really muddy part of our area that is kind of a short cut. It passes back behind a few homes. As we were started to walk threw two women saw us and started yelling at us in a different language. They were very angry and I had no idea why. When we got closer, my companion said, “Sorry, do you speak English? I can’t understand you.” Then they stopped and didn’t look as angry any more. She said in broken English as she pointed at a house, “This man make secret connection to light and bury it here. It just killed cow. The cow pass the electric – kill the cow. So don’t pass bush, bush pass road, road.”

It was understandable enough for us and I am sure you understood what she was trying to tell us. That the man made an illegal connection to the city power and buried the power line. So when it rains you can get electrocuted by stepping in the water. We saw that a herd of cows had passed through but from what the ladies both said, I guess it killed one of them. I was very grateful that the same thing didn’t happen to us.

On Wednesday we got some early transfer news. Elder Bofando is being transferred and Elder Hall will be coming to be my next companion. We also found out Elder Weegl and Krofuah are being transferred. This will make the apartment a two man apartment again.

Thursday morning we found out about a major disaster that happened in Accra involving an explosion and flood. This was really devastating for Ghana. Many died and many more were affected as they were trying to get protection from the rain and flooding. [You can read more about this on BBC News Ghana petrol station inferno kills about 150 in Accra.]

Thursday night we had a planned meeting with our Bishop’s family. He told us he would pick us up at 6:45. When he pulled up to where we were waiting it was exactly 6:45. That is something I have not experienced very many times on my mission and was kind of refreshing. When we got to his house it was still “light off” so we used a little LED flashlight to light up the table where we were sitting. Bishop asked his wife to say the prayer. Once she said, “Amen” the lights came back on. That was a pretty awesome moment. Talk about a “powerful” prayer.

This week was a good week. You are always a little sad to part with companions but I think this transfer will be a good one.

One random moment. This week I noticed two small kids walking up the hill holding hands in there school uniforms. As they walked by with their hands swinging back and forth the little girl looked up to me with a smile and I smiled back. I thought it was a story book moment and thought I would share it.

Thanks for all of encouragement and emails.
-Elder Orton

Flooding by our apartment

Flooding by our apartment on June 3

Water covering the roads by our apartment

Water covering the roads by our apartment

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