This week went great. Last Monday we were invited over to Brother Umeh’s house (the Elders Quorum President) for a family night that doubled as a farewell dinner for Elder Bofando. We played a game of scrabble while we waited for the food. It had been a very long time since I last played that game. It was fun Brother Umeh was the winner and I came in second only because he helped me, haha. The meal was nice. They fed us rice and stew with watermelon. After we ate we went around and shared spiritual experiences we have had. It was wonderful.

Tuesday was transfers. The forecast said that it was supposed to rain so I brought my umbrella just in case. When we got to the mission home they had a few canopies set up where everyone being transferred could keep their luggage dry while they waited for their companion.

It’s fun when you get to go the Mission Home for transfers and get to see all of the other missionaries there. I got to talk with Elder Jorgensen and a few others and it was great to catch up. Then after a little bit of visiting I met up with my new companion, Elder Hall, and we went to our area. Elder Hall is from Bountiful, Utah.

Tuesday-Sunday I showed Elder Hall around, we met with everyone we were teaching and the members in the area. We contacted 38 people this week. I just hope that we will be able to find someone that’s ready.

– Elder Orton

A sign we pass

A sign we pass

Another sign in our area

Another sign in our area

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