Mercy Stew

This week was full of teaching, finding, and meeting with more members. That is a good thing. We have worked hard. We usually have one or two things get in our way. The first when we get to the door of the person we planned to teach they say, “Sorry I am busy.” I think you could ask any missionary in our mission and they will also agree this is one of the most common responses. Every time someone tells me they are “busy” I just think what they don’t see is that they are instead just detracted from what is more important. That might happen a little bit in each of our lives. Sometimes we think we are too busy to spend time with our family or go to church. Sometimes we think we are too busy serve others or whatever it might be. If we are busy, just make sure its busy doing what is really important.
Another thing that is not really a hindrance but feels like a burden is eating. We have to eat every day. It is not something you can hurry and do for the week and then be done. We have to do it over and over.

It has been common over the past two weeks that we eat one of three things.

  • Soakings that is cassava ground up into a dry powder then mixed with water. We add bananas and peanuts with a small amount of sugar.
  • Bread and egg.
  • Rice with stew.
  • We usually just purchase our food right before we eat it, because the food doesn’t keep long here. We have a fridge, but the electricity is not reliable enough to store food. There are a few stores near our apartment so we can pick up food on the way back home. This is usually true with one exception, Sunday. We need to buy everything we need for Sunday on Saturday. But this week when Saturday rolled around we had forgotten it was Saturday. I think it was because the week went so fast. Saturday it rained very heavily and stopped in the evening time on our way to the apartment. The area near our apartment was flooded. We biked through the water and got inside and started to plan. Then I realized it was Saturday and we had no food for tomorrow. By this time the shop was closed and I couldn’t think of any food in the apartment that we would be able to make into a meal. We searched and found some food we didn’t know we had. We found a bell pepper, one carrot, and tomato paste with some rice in the cupboard. From that we were able to make rice and stew for Sunday.

    You asked about the Damtse family and how they are doing. Their house flooded again but they are doing well. We actually just started teaching their son who is now the only one in the family that is not yet a member. The lesson we had with him went well and he also came to church for the first time yesterday so that was great.

    Thank you for your prayer emails and support, I love you all.

    – Elder Orton

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